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The few bugs you see crawling around your home or business are indicators that you probably have a bigger problem. Stop insects, rodents, and more quickly with pest control services in Lake Placid, FL.

Family-owned-and-operated Conner Exterminating Services, Inc. offers professional, fully certified, and fully licensed extermination and pest control. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties in Florida.

From termites to rats, we have the formulas and equipment to eliminate all types of pests from your structure. We explain service options to you in full detail and recommend the ones we think will provide the results you want. Call us now to schedule an appointment and stop pests before they multiply.

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Pest control should be done by experienced exterminators. We have over 50 years in the field complemented by full state certification. Additionally, we have plenty of experienced staff to provide you and all of our customers with first-class service. Depend on us to handle your pest control requests in a timely manner.

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